Pinfire firearms with suitable ammunition offer the firearms enthuisast a way of experiencing a time when firearms evolution was on the brink of major developments. Even though these guns have not been produced in one hundred and twenty years, there are ample antique specimens available. However, the lack of reliable and economical ammunition reduces them to mere collectors' items.  Pinfire ammunition can be acquired today by purchasing collector cartridges at many dollars per round. These round are well over 100 years old, and dependability is very, very low. The only alternative until now has been to purchase reloading kits that contain machine-turned cases at a significant cost. These cases are intended to be reloaded three or four times. The usual procedure is case dis-assembly, cleaning, re-sizing, replacing the primer, re-installing the pin, re-filling the case with black powder and re-installing the projectile. With a limited number of high priced cases this is a tedious and expensive operation; even then, the shooter  winds up shooting maybe  25 rounds before he must buy additional bullets at substantial cost, just to shoot again.  Our solution uses a shiny new cartridge at one-third the price.  While it will be possible to re-load our cases,  further reducing their cost-per-round, our intent is to make them inexpensive enough to be used once in the event the user prefers not to reload them.  It is important to note that loading of ANY cartridge carries inherent risks as the components are delicate and volatile, and each additional use adds to these risks because the pressures resulting from firing stresses the cases  and pins each time.



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