As collectors of antique firearms, Dan Ellis and T. Russell Odom, co-owners of Valkyrie Ordnance, LLC, recognized that there  are a large number of guns, both pistol and rifle, that were developed around the time of the Civil War and designed to fire breech  loading cartridges.  There are currently thousands of owners of guns designed to fire large-caliber pinfire and rimfire cartridges and though older and often considered antique, they are still shootable with appropriate ammunition.  Since the early nineteenth century  no pinfire ammunition has been produced commercially. Rimfire ammunition was manufactured early in the nineteenth century with an occasional batch produced up to 1990. Since that time no manufacturer in the world has made ammunition that will allow the use of these guns, rendering them obsolete, though still fully functional. Owners have reached out to the big ammunition makers to inquire about the availability of ammunition for these guns, only to be told that there is little probability of this ammunition being manufactured in the future, untill now.


Valkyrie Ordnance, LLC Co-Owner, Danny Ellis is a native of the town of Hobgood North, Carolina. After an early career which included manufacturing, law enforcement, crop dusting, owning and operating a machine shop, he entered East Carolina University where he earned a degree in Biology, with emphasis on pre-medicine. After graduating in 1997 he became the Town Administrator for the Town of Hobgood, where he supervised the daily maintenance of the town. For a number of years he also taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Hobgood Academy. Mr. Ellis retired from the Town of Hobgood in 2009. His interests include a lifelong enthusiasm for firearms, aviation, airplanes, and all things mechanical, chemical and electronic, all of which have been amply utilized and reflected in the initial development of this business venture.




Valkyrie Ordnance, LLC Co-Owner Thomas Russell Odom, is from the town of Bolton in North Carolina. After completing enlistment in the U.S. Navy, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in Sociology in 1970. Mr. Odom worked for a period of time as a social worker in Children's Services in Durham, North Carolina. He then entered the UNC School of Law and was admitted to the North Carolina Bar in August of 1975. From then until his retirement in 1999, he served in various roles as legal counsel for Durham County, North Carolina. After retirement, he had a small private practice and represented some governmental entities, including the Town of Hobgood until his retirement from the practice of law in December, 2007.

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