Invented by Frenchman Casimir Lefaucheux in the 1830's the pinfire was one of the earliest practical designs of a metallic cartridge.


Valkyrie Ordnance's projection date to offer complete pinfire and rimfire ammunition to the public is

early to mid 2017. We will initially offer 7mm, 9mm pinfire and add calibers as demand requires. In the interium Valkyrie Ordnance will offer loading kits for the pinfire. If you are interested in learning more or purchasing these kits go to the Pinfire Components page. These kits are based on the components that are in our loaded ammunition. For the first time in over one hundred years you will be able to shoot that pinfire with clean economical ammunition without the need to reload dirty cases. These kits are ideal for COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING or just to get the experience of shooting that old pinfire.


Potential additional Obsolete Calibers that may be manufactured (not available at this time).


  • 12 mm

  • 15 mm


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Original "ANTIQUE PINFIRE" Cartridges



     7mm                9mm                 12mm                15mm

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