The first true rimfire cartridge using black powder was the .22 Short, developed for Smith & Wesson's first revolver, in 1857; it used a rimfire case and 4 grains (260 mg) of black powder to fire a conical bullet.   VALKYRIE ORDNANCE DOES NOT PRODUCE STANDARD 22 CALIBER AMMUNITION.
Valkyrie Ordnance's projection date to offer complete antique pinfire and rimfire ammunition to the public is early to mid 2020 Sorry for the delay. We now have 32 short and long rimfires,  41 short rimfire and 44Henry Flat (44 long} all in testing .
Potential addional Obsolete Calibers that will be manufactured.
  •   22 Remington Automatic
  •   25 long and short Rimfire
  •   38 long and short Rimfire                                    
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